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jqGrid drag and drop

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Jquery, PHP
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1)      Add primary key field in colNames and colModel

colNames:['Id','Sort Order','Question','Created By', 'Status', 'Action'],


Now your column is sortable

2)      Add mouse over effect to sort order column

{name:'order_index', sortable: true, search: false, classes:'data-cell-style mousecursor', width:col_1 ..


jQuery('.mousecursor').live("mouseover", function() { jQuery(this).attr('title', 'Drag row to update sort order');

3)      Increase default rows loading:


4)      Add php file to update sort_order in database

jQuery("#applicationListGrid").jqGrid('sortableRows', {

update: function (ev, ui) {

var str = '';

var ids = jQuery("#applicationListGrid").jqGrid('getDataIDs');

for (var i = 0; i < ids.length; i++)


var rowId = ids[i];

if(str!="") str = str + ',';

str = str+rowId;


var sort_url = 'update.php?table=mytest&auto_id=question_id';


type: "POST",

url: sort_url,

data: { all_id: str}

}).done(function( msg ) {
jQuery("#applicationListGrid").setGridParam({sortorder: "asc"}).jqGrid("sortGrid", "order_index", true);





JqGrid onSelectRow not working

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Jquery, PHP

I was working on partially developed code and trying to use onSelectRow  in jqGrid. Somehow it was not working.

I have removed below line and it works!!

beforeSelectRow:function(){return false;}